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DotProjects are committed towards solving your problems.

Who We Are

We Are Experts In Project Management

DotProjects was set up in 2015, providing one-stop Project Management consultancy services. Our charter is to realise the benefits of sound, solid project management processes and systems through our consultancies.

Our founder and key partners are experienced project management practitioners, each having years of hands-on experience across industries such as construction, info-communications, education, hospitality-leisure and industrial sectors. Each have also worked their way up to helm and provide business leadership in their roles.

Armed with globally recognised certifications from Project Management bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association of Project Management (APM), you can rest assured that the DotProjects team is on a sound footing, reliable and capable to provide best practice solutions for our clients.

Driven to also impart and share our years of knowledge and experience in the industry, we are happy to impart our knowledge in Project Management areas through seminars, short talks and education practices in areas such as Planning, Time Management, Risk advisories, Cost control and contract administration. Such material are designed exclusively by our partners, modeling very closely to global industry standards such as PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK)