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The World is shifting towards the project economy (source : Project Management Institute)…

Businesses are being impacted today, where their ability to thrive directly correlate to project success. Treating project management as a black box due to inherent uncertainties and factoring in-ordinate buffers into budgets and plans can no longer be viable… 

Organisations that understand the underlying factors for project delivery, make informed decisions and prioritise investments in the right project related systems and areas will thrive..


Cue ProjAnalysis , a risk based predictive model for project outcomes.

...The ability to take a rigorous data-driven approach to predict project outcomes

...The ability to consider a more holistic basket of risk factors, like project conditions (environment, geo-political, social, location), people (capability, right-fit, supply chain) and process systems (level of rigour, checks and balances, governance)…

...Culmination of 25+ years of practical project/program/portfolio management experience in various industry verticals from DotProjects PM team

...bringing organisations closer to what’s real on the ground, predicting a range of project outcomes in Key Areas such as timeliness, cost performance, quality, brand reputation and benefits returns


ProjAnalysis , now a freemium base model, is slanted more towards the construction/engineering industry, but with sufficient best-in-class project methodologies built within (70-80%) to remain relevant for any industry or vertical. 

Taking it to the next level, DotProjects can customise ProjAnalysis to specifically suit your organisation / industry. Our project professionals will curate questions and risk areas/factors, with risk weights adjusted based on the intersection of our project management knowledge with your organisation’s industry/domain specifics. With sufficient real-life project data, we will incorporate adaptive learning to ProjAnalysis enabling a truly data-driven (your data) model for your exclusive use.

Currently, ProjAnalysis is available only as a web-based desktop application. All registered accounts with ProjAnalysis allows a maximum of 20 surveys/predictions to be carried out. Copyright laws apply.